Seamless maternity leggings insulated with fleece

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Seamless maternity leggings insulated with fleece


• dedicated for mothers in I, II, III trimester of pregnancy
• available in colors: black, navy blue, graphite
• high condition - it does not slide down and does not compress the stomach, leggings grow with the tummy
• warmed with fleece on the inside
• wide non-compressive elastic waist
• anatomical shape - ideally suits the silhouette
• excellent quality material - leggings do not change their appearance, do not rub and do not push out
• seamless - without any seams (the seam is on the inside of the legs, there are no side seams or abdomen)
• with elastane!

- size: S/M, M/L, L/XL, XL/2XL


Manufactured in EU.